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Two articles in this week's issue of Newsweek focus on Africa-one on the wars in Congo, the other on efforts to combat AIDS. The cover story looks at medicine used to treat high cholesterol, while economics writer Robert Samuelson argues that the Supreme Court erred by not ruling on free-speech case involving Nike. Students explore these topics through three themes: Technology and Society; The Role of the United States Abroad; and Economics. Tell us what you think of our newly designed Web site!

This Week's Cover Story

Tooning In

Each week, explore the perspectives, commentary and analysis of editorial cartoonists with our new feature. Click here for classroom questions related to this week's cartoon.

Interactive Children Map

Our new Issues Today wall map, "The Status of Children Around the World," offers a wealth of information and global perspective on children and their lives.

Click here for an interactive demonstration of the main portion of the map, which is part of our Summer 2004 resource package.

Focus on Writing

Two articles this week offer perspectives on Africa. Read "Hope for Africa" (pages 24-28) and "Wars Without End" (pages 28-31). Write a letter to a friend in which you explain why you are optimistic and/or pessimistic about what is taking place on that continent.

Prestigious Award for Newsweek Education Program

Newsweek Education Program Wins Prestigious Prize From Association Of Educational Publishers

The Newsweek Education Program has won a Distinguished Achievement Award from the Association of Educational Publishers for its wall map, "United States Census: The New America." Maureen Costello, the manager of the Newsweek Education Program, researched and prepared the specifications for the map and accompanying teacher's guide, while Eliot Bergman designed the map. Resource Manager Ken Paulsen oversaw the development of the project. Another map, "Changing China," was a finalist in the competition.

NEP's winning entry was in the category of "Young Adult-Posters." An award from the Association of Educational Publishers is one of the highest recognitions of excellence that can be awarded in this field. Approximately 1,300 entries were received in more than 30 categories. Judges from within the educational publishing industry and professional education organizations selected the winners. The announcement was made June 4 at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

Kaplan/Newsweek "My Turn" Winners

The winners have been announced in the annual Kaplan/Newsweek "My Turn" Essay Competition. Paula Fortner of Columbia, Md., took first place with her essay, "How I Came to Rule the Lego Universe." Her prize is a $5,000 college scholarship.

Runners-up and honorable mention essays will be posted here in the coming weeks.

"Patriots and Loyalists: A Revolutionary Encounter"
A Newsweek ThisWeek Extra!

This special supplement to Newsweek ThisWeek provides information about the background and circumstances leading to the American Revolution and provides related activities for students, as well as suggestions for National History Day projects. Click here to access it.

Summer Orders

We are now accepting summer and fall classroom orders. Placing your order online is fast and easy.

Interactive Global Water Map

Our new Issues Today wall map, "Global Water: Plentiful or Imperiled," offers a wealth of information about a challenge that every nation on earth faces. Click here for an interactive demonstration of the main portion of the map, which is part of our spring 2003 resource package.

This presentation uses Flash, a commonly used Web application. To view the presentation, you must have the Macromedia Flash Player software program installed to work with your Web browser. To download a free copy of Flash or find out more information about Flash, click here.

2002 - The Year In Political Cartoons
A Newsweek ThisWeek Extra!

Click here for a look at three political cartoons addressing issues that touched our lives in 2002. This Extra! features activities to help students understand the cartoons' meaning and form a template for analyzing other cartoons.

Do We Need a National ID Card?
A Newsweek ThisWeek Extra!

Can a national ID card card increase security in the United States, or would it infringe on Americans' rights? Click here to read an essay written by student leaders in the Presidential Classroom program. The essay is accompanied by activities that will challenge students to take a stand on the issue.
News Glossary

Our pronunciation guide to people, places and other words in the news has been updated to include a glossary-style listing of definitions for all of the terms. Click here to explore this helpful resource.

"How to Get Into College"

click here to purchase

The 2003 edition of the Newsweek/Kaplan "How to Get into College" guidebook is now available. Click here for a sampling of its many helpful stories, or to purchase a copy.

2003-2004 Catalog

Our Brand New 2003-2004 Catalog!

Our 2003-2004 catalog of resources, including an online order form, is now available. Learn about our new programs for the school year, and the titles of upcoming NewsSource units, Issues Today maps and Skills Builders.

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U.S. Foreign Policy: Challenges and Choices
[Updated 03/03]

Cover Stories: What it Means to Lead the News

Global Water

Language Diversity

Transportation in the United States

Citizenship in Action

Seeing Ideas: Using Graphic Organizers

History: Linking the Past to the Present

Making the Most of Newsweek in the Classroom

Preparing for the Real World: Work and Ready to Use Economics

Cross Curriculum

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